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Another amazing outing to 100% Design –
The exhibitions were so diverse. There was so much press coverage that homed into specific features of the show but below, here were some of my take-aways from the event. For further Press Coverage- click here.
‘Having your garden inside your home- quite literally!’
BACSAC have come up with a great concept that is simple, easy and works for modern city people who just want a little of a garden and feel that they can pot plants easily inside their own home or in there small gardens/ patios. BACSAC offers a light, transportable plant storage system- from small BACSACs to large ones that fit onto the the roof of your car. Check out their offerings and where you can order on from the UK. BACSAC is based in France.
BACSAC’s Exhibition Booth
‘Opening your front door with you mobile phone!’
Gira was one of two companies that specialised in mobile security but the reason I met with the sales rep there was because he was friendly and help us understand the systems and how to set it up. And more importantly- we could play on their system and it felt like when you were a child and you want to press the door bell but you weren’t tall enough to play or you would be fighting with your sibling to press it.. That was me and my boyfriend.. Lol…
Joking aside- the technology was simple to understand as we all know about mobile chatting functionality like Skype. I would say if you had a large property and you had a spare thousands in the bank- a very good system to install your home.


Gira’s Exhibition area
Loved these coat stands- we all need to hang out coats somewhere.. Why not get a stylish slimline one?

My last find – these awesome lampshades. Go to there website below to see more of their selections.

We also managed to squeeze in a lecture at the venue where designers spoke of innovation versus creativity. Once established and making mone, how much time can you be spending towards innovating? I can say that it must be hard. But in order to stay competitive you must innovate- look at Apple! Perfect example there for you.