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It has been a while since i properly blogged.. in fact a few years..

Focus over the last 3 years have been completing a big design project, getting married ^_^ and focusing on some other business projects.

Life has been interesting though. Even if we look back to the last 12 months, the world has gone through many changes – with the Covid-19 pandemic, global lockdown, working from home for many of us, losing our freedom to see our friends and family which have been a big change. However for some it has been very trying time- with the loss of work and changing careers; home schooling without the technology to support their children’s learning and the strain on our health and medical services.

I am pleased to say that with the support of my husband, we are getting through this. We have found a new slower rhythm in life and we have learnt to appreciate family and friends, and each other.

I am happy to share with you my newly designed website – and our new offerings.

Our homes have taken whole different another meaning – not only do we spend our personal time there but we are spending social and working lives at home to be safe!

Our interior design offering in terms of spacial design becomes more important. We will look at your home and requirements. We will design individual spaces for you to enjoy your personal, social and working times at home. Other fun offering that we have introduced is in terms of Feng Shui. With my Chinese origin, it would be wrong to spend my lock down period learning new ways of living and Feng Shui right?

Hoping to share more blogs in 2021! Stay warm and safe all

-Cindy x-


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