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This also needs to be shared with you all this week before i give you another update to this- my recent spiritual trip. This was updated in October 2015 and it is very interesting to see how i have changed as a person and so those who know me will hopefully see the change- and for some, they will see it an unexpected change and something which will not necessarily work in their favour. But to my friends and family, this is my journey and i am very blessed that you all continue to support me and love me for it.

So this blog has been sitting as a draft for the last 24 months. I read what I have written and I think it still works and so I have kept most the first section below. And in fact I have just been to meet Sylvia in Toronto this week. And so I have to publish this!

I have been perculating over how to title this blog and how to set the scene. For those sceptics, I would like to give you advance warning that this might not necessarily be something you would like to read but it is such a beautiful beginning I want to take this opportunity for my readers to experience what I had the pleasure to see and feel for myself.

So like most people, we have done the odd tarot reading, angel reading, and palm reading of soughts. We have sought the truth and the future and hope that we can get an answer or someone to predict the future. Some may have even taken that further to see an Intuitionist or councillor to tell us what to do. The reality is that they don’t and can’t. Some may give us snippets of the future and we latch onto that and hope to see it materialise. Some may listen to the Intuitionist and they tell us how we should be handling a situation differently and these are the steps to do it. In the case of the readers that predict our future, we wait and wait and we live our lives away and forget to be present or live in the present. For those who are given insights into the ways and areas to change, we take a temporary adjustment to that and as it only touches our minds, over time, our lives consume our wants to change and we go back to our old ways. It does not stick. There may be exceptions to the rule but for myself and some of my close friends I have spoken to, it holds true.

So what can make it stick? If we asked me prior to Sept 13, 2014- I wouldn’t have even understood the question. Post that and after my amazing week with Sylvia in Maui, I can say that we need to feel with the heart for things to stick. You must feel it, acknowledge it to ensure it sticks. You are probably wondering what I am talking about…. so let me explain…

We, as human beings are moulded from a young age to think and be aware and be logical. The babies who cry because they are unhappy or want something is an expression of their feelings. From an early age we are taught to be stronger and learn a way of living- and that’s basically stop feeling from your heart and think with your head. What is acceptable in society and culture defines what you should do and how you are. You can live like this but you could end up in a state of conflict, or unhappiness.

Prior to the weeks retreat in September, I didn’t think there was a big deal with things not being the way things were or challenges in my life. But Sylvia taught us to unpick the learnings on thinking with your head or mind alone but reaching to your heart and listening to it. What does that even mean, you ask? It is totally feeling at ease on decisions and choices you make. Have you ever felt anxious or unsure on things you decide or your gut is telling you something else? That is when your mind and your heart is in conflict. Place your hand on ur heart and breathe and just ask it the question. Your answer will become clear.

This way of working did not come nautrally to me. In fact I was the most resistant out of the group. They had experienced this form of spiritual healing before. Sylvia was very supportive of me. She explained it in forms of diagrams and exercises. We mediated a lot and though I found that difficult, I did improve day by day.

Looking back at it 24 months on, I can see that I have changed as a person and it was probably a great time for me to find the course as I think that i was in a challenging place at the time and i was probably trying to work it through but nothing could have helped me apart from this.

This is a journey – self heal and development. I have since learnt other add ons to heal myself and I guess I will continue. Examples include:-

  • Personal meditation
  • Personal reading time Spritual literature
  • Sessions or readings with professionals like Sylvia
  • Theta Healing or meditation

I don’t claim that i am fully spiritually aligned. I have moments where I am affected by society, or by not asking my heart and making decisions on logic. But I am aware of this when it happens and so I try to rectify the situation.

I have listed some of my sources reference below in case you may wish to read up on it. I will try to provide a book review on the last 3 links

Sylvia’s website:

Theta meditation website :

5 Love Language by Gary chapman – – this is a book as well as a site which will help you work out what your love language is.

5 Agreements- Miguel Ruiz –

Keeping the Love You Find  by PhD. Harville Hendrix

This was my first blog about this and even reading it now, i am excited about how i felt in 2014. Looking at myself now, i can already see the changes in me. I hope to share more of this over the next few weeks as i have so much to catch up on re: my spiritual journey between 2014 to now :0)