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After coming back from the States and Canada, and immersing myself back to UK life, i have been spending lots of time on Interior designing and working out my business plans and strategy. I always find time to catch up on the odd Iplayer shows from the BBC.

Well i have found this amazing TV show called The Great Interior Design Challenge. It is so addictive for us Interior Designers as it tests the boundaries of who can be an interior designer. These are all amateur designers but yet their skills are amazing- from designing mood boards and conceptual designs to upscaling furniture themselves. And yes, that means sewing, painting, crafting and even upholstering sofas etc. I question if all the current designers out there can do that. I can honestly put my hand on my heart and say i would struggle.
So, as a keen learner, i am due to attend a sewing class so that i can be well versed in sewing. I won’t necessarily be sewing but at least i can appreciate what is involved. If you are interested, i am attending classes here: Sew Over it in Islington and also Clapham.
If you want to catch up on the 2 series of The Great Interior Design Challenge – check out these links:
UK Views and only parts of Series 2 – click here
International viewers and for all episodes on Series 1 and 2: click here
Hope you enjoy it as much as i did!