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This was a post that was created last year when i was working predominately in the States. I used to wonder if it was the enjoyment of working with other cultures and travelling in business class that excited me. I realised that that was only part of the answer. I realised that everytime i worked away, i took time to really enjoy what that country or the place had to offer us – in terms of its culture or food or people. It was working for travelling. The fact i was able to work abroad that gave me the chance to travel.

In Malaysia, i was very blessed to learn to dive and meet turtles and ‘memos’ (clownfish) and the friends who i met through diving.

In China, i learnt to reacquaint myself to Mandarin and speak the language with confidence.

In the states, i was introduced to the new way to exercise through Orange Theory (which i still do as it has extended to London). Check it out: I also managed to travel around the States due to being based there.

If anyone is asked to travel for work, i would highly encourage it as it makes you appreciate life a lot more. One gets to see how people live and how you can live better.  Enjoy…