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We are all looking for the sport and activities which will make us tick, make us feel energised.
I think i have found the one…. Bikram Yoga!
Yes, it is 90 minutes long.
Yes, it is in 40 degrees of heat
Yes, there are sweaty people around you.
These are all true but why do we feel so energised afterwards?
Bikram yoga is based on 26 poses in 90 minutes in heat. It is believed that all these poses strengthens you physically and emotionally. I personally believe its the combination of the stretches and the heat that really lengthens your body and massages your internal organs and thereby removing toxins and the like.  The postures are described in more detail here
26 poses of Bikram Yoga
I feel that it has been very therapeutic for me on a personal level. It has help me de-stress after a heavy day at work. The soothing words by the yoga teacher really helps you focus on yourself and be selfish and look internally into ones self. I often find that we spend so much time thinking about other people- friends, family, workmates. These 90 minutes are ‘me’ time: time to heal yourself and think about healing your body.
The 2nd last poses of the floor series


Second last stretch before the end


These are just some of the poses that you will do. I am personally not very flexible. I struggle with touching my toes with a straight leg. But after 2 months of Bikram twice a week, i can see a difference. i am stronger in some of these poses now. I am closer to touch the ground.
There is no end to perfecting Bikram. One day you feel you do well and the next time, you are just awful- you struggle with balance. But that is ok. Just pick yourself up and try again. You will see however is the progressively toned body you will achieve and the positive energy you will feel after each session.
There are however a few tips i would stress:
  • wear something light in your sessions- and preferable sweat resistant- and not too tight;
  • drink lots of fluid before you attend the session; and
  • have a shower immediately and make sure you moisturise your skin (i would definitely support for even over moisturise).
Happy bikram-ing… from a happy yogi 🙂