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As Spring is upon us finally, i am happy to share with you my first catwalk show in the last 20 ish years.
I was previously backstage of the Hong Kong University Fashion when i was about 10 year old where my auntie was the Head of Fashion there and i met the designers and the models. It was a great experience for me as i saw excitement of designers preparing models to show off their great work as they ‘strut’ down the catwalk! I could feel the adrenalin rushing in excitement and nervousness at the same time.
This time i was sitting by the catwalk watching the calm collected models walking down the catwalk. All that excitement of preparing the models was hidden from us. This time i was able to see what was on trend for spring and summer 2013- and boy, do we have a treat.

Hilary Alexander (British journalist and the Fashion Director of The Daily Telegraph) provided her insight into the trends for spring summer. The show was divided into 4 sections -Graphic Art, Urban Lifestyle, Eastern Promise and Dolls House.


Graphic Art was probably my favourite  It fits in with my taste in fashion.

The Graphic Art models introduced diverse combination of colours for shift dresses (my favourite) – pink with orange, blue with black. They were very sharp and chic- a revamp of the 60s look. You can see Warehouse and H&M stocking these already. Perfect for us ladies working in offices and going straight out for dinner/ drinks.

I was very curious about the Urban Lifestyle which was another take on professional, chic office and day wear. It combines fun day wear with office chic- so we saw smart shirt with ‘flairy’ skirts, fitted dresses with very blouson or Bomber jackets. I might try this combination out but it may be slightly weird though. Please let me know if you see this style. I suspect you would see Urban Lifestyle outfits worn in places like Shoreditch, Old Street and Canarby Street, London.

Dolls House and Eastern Promise was definitely something i would try to blend in my outfits for 2013.
Dolly dresses, pretty dresses are everywhere at the moment. Oasis and Dorothy Perkins are displaying it in their windows. Perfect for Spring / Summer with lovely dainty shoes. I love this style though it is hard to find something that i love to wear. I will try this summer. The good thing with these dresses, you can put a cardigan or jacket and it fits non work and work situations.
Eastern/ ethnic wear has always been in fashion – with the jewellery and fabric. But this year, not only are there more eastern printed fabric available, even the cutting is eastern. The way the collars are designed, the karate style jackets, the long tops with fitted tight trousers and long dresses. These type of attire is definitely harder for me to incorporate with my lifestyle. But i will try….

Should be a fun and colourful year…. i will definitely be enjoying the use of colours and mix of different styles for different occasions.

Have fun ladies!