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So April was a big month for me. At last, on the 24th April, it was a Wednesday when my new commissioned painting was delivered to my home.

Andrew McAttee had been quiet whilst he was coming up with his latest masterpiece- my painting! He was sending me frequent updates telling me that all is going well but gave me no indication from visuals. The suspense was killing me!

So.. taa daa…

Hidden Dragon
What do you guys think? I love it so much! My first ever commissioned art with all the elements i wanted from Andrew’s previous good work.
Andrew kindly sent through to me afterwards his work in progress shots and wow! was the process so intricate. And the amount of time to complete one of these spheres would require many iterations of drawing round the stencils, the shadowing is so cool.
I look at every day and everyday i see something new to focus on! Thank You Andrew!!
Below are the steps and work in progress shots for your appreciation of Andrew’s hard work! Totally amazing!!
Enjoy! 🙂


My Hidden Dragon Complete!!