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Has anyone ever wondered if there is a good way to type fast on the iPad?

I know there are many brands that have given users plug in keyboards or ‘old man’ leather cases  with chunky keyboards.
My new find is this – Logitech Ultra thin KeyBoard Cover. Not only does it allow you to type via bluetooth connection, you can double it up as a smartcase. AWESOME! Day 1 of using this and so hope to give you all a report update on how it is getting on…
The funny thing is, is that whilst i am typing this and enjoying the sun in Central London, i am approached by a lady telling me her friend has the same one and loves it but if not well protected, the casing maybe damaged from wear and tear. Good job i have my neoprene case!
It is available online for probably cheaper …. in fact scrap that… i just checked on google shopping… go to Currys/ PC World and you can get it for £79.99! online vendors had it ranging from £80-100….
errr.. don’t think so… Go Currys!!