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Congee is a Chinese dish eaten in the mornings or when you are unwell and you need loads of energy-  probably because it is a pure carb-feast!

There are famous eateries in Asia and all they sell is congee! The congee restaurant on the image is a very famous on in Hong Kong.
I remember when I had it in the morning- yummy with the fried bread sticks called youtiao (in mandarin). But when I have it when I’m ill, mum makes it with a dab of salt and so it is not tasty at all! Boo!
As I get older and get into cooking, I sort of developed my way of cooking congee. And it’s looks like the photo below.
Congee is very easy to make and I just think by adding some vegetables, it is more colourful to look at and the eating experience more interesting with the different textures as you enjoy the food.
So- congee ingredients for 6 bowl portions
1- 1.5 cup of American long grain or frangranced Thai rice
2- some mixed vegetables you like- I liked carrots, peas, green beans, pak choi and baby corn- all diced small
3- a bunch of spring onions- chopped
4- a combination or one of salt or herbalmare or stock cubes
1. Wash the rice of its impurities and put it into a large pot. For those who have rice cookers, they can use that also.
2. With the same cup, provide 3 times as much boiled water and pout that into the large pot and start heating up the pot of congee.
3. Bring to the bowl and let it boil for approx 20-30 mins. And then turn it down so that is is just slightly simmering-boiling temperature.
4. After 45 mins, place your mixed vegetables into the pot. If you see the congee is getting over gooey, add more water as it is probably your pot is not large enough.
5. Continue to simmer-boil for another hour or so.
6. When you see the grains of rice splitting and getting soft (just like the picture above), the congee is ready.
7. Just to make is slightly more tasty, add some salt, and herbalmare or stock cubes- add it to when it is tasty enough.
8. Add some chopped spring onions, and it is ready for eating!!
Enjoy …C