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My interior design teacher told us to check out this exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts  in London. With the classes I have attended I was quite excited what there was to see and get inspiration from it. This day was the end of my interior design course and so I was tired but pumped after a few long nights preparing my presentation, so I decided to round it up with some quality time at this exhibition.

It was tough being in a school environment and working to a different side of the brain I am used to. On the course, I had designed a bedroom and en suite. It incorporated a curved wall which would be dual used as a wardrobe, hidden vanity table and the back of the bathroom sink. It was so hard to draw up and clearly explain the different sections (view from different angles). My lack of time and lack of drawing experience played a part into that downfall. Not to worry- as someone close to me said to me that day, ‘it was a good experience for me- completing a project in time’.

The purpose of all of this work was to be able to explain to my client what I had designed for them- from mood board, to drawing a plan and sectional drawing as well as a 3d isometric drawing, to providing them with colour palette through rendering of colours on the drawings and then by sharing materials and furnishings you wish them to use. A full end to end story which will show the journey of your work and your thinking process.  The image below is one of my presentation boards showing my proposed materials.

So back to the exhibition- the venue was a amazing. The exhibition was called Sensing Spaces. It had an amazing sense of height and grander architecture. There were essentially 7 installations from artists who were invited to build their perspective of what space meant for them. These artists were from South America, South Africa, Europe and also from Asia- a great mix of great thinking. I walked through these amazingly built installations and each of them was immaculately built with precision and so much time but it was a slightly disappointing.
It’s hard to explain-  it just felt too flawless. We had paid £13 and £10 ( student for me ) for the tickets and so we expected to see more- maybe more about their background or what they had previously done or what their thinking process was. It just seemed very clinical and non-emotional.  Was that the reason I was disappointed?

Designed by Kengo Kuma

I loved this installation- it was little lights attached to bamboo sticks- i felt the simplicity and the strong styles of the Japanese. Love it!

This was another one i liked. I used the full height of the venue and the carpentry craftsmanship was amazing. It was so well done and it have been very interesting to design the installation and have one chance to install it!
This last one i wanted to share was quite interesting. The designer played on its creation as a place for people to enjoy and contribute to. He provided long straws and suggested that we add our little contribution. Do you see mine- the orange straw?
I did have other fellow course-mates who went earlier and thought it was amazing but for me… It just seemed to lack something. I think it definitely worth a visit but that is you have a spare £13.