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It’s amazing how we are able to travel and visit cities- via the modern modes of transport. One thing we can’t do is travel back in time.

Just watched an English movie called About Time where it tells the story of a family and the male members are able to travel back in time and replay their lives and day to make it better.
Wouldn’t that be amazing- if we could actually do that…
We sort of did that, 2 weekends ago- when we went to Prague for a quick visit. We realised that this city centre had stopped in the 1700 era time bubble. The buildings were looked medieval but well maintain with these amazing spires and roofs and streets that you would imagine classical composers like Mozart, Vivaldi would be walking in. Prior to visiting Prague, we only see in historical photographs of the 1700 era. But it was real- we say it-  they were all there.
We went for about 4 days and stayed in a lovely hotel very near to main attractions. It was the Intercontinental Praha very close to the Pařížská Street, where the lovely high end brands were located. Perfect for us girlies like me to window shop and day- dream about!
It was a perfect mini break- wandering the cobbled streets and getting lost amongst them and then realising you had done a loop and ended up where you started. We didn’t really use the map or pay much attention to what we were looking for- we just wandered. We didn’t even take the tour bus til the 3rd day when it was possibly too late- but it was good. We did manage to focus on where we wanted to go that 3rd day and do that. But it was quite nice not to plan too much on the first few days. We spend so much of our lives planning things – it’s just nice to not plan for a change! , For the ladies, I would recommend flats shoes all the way on this trip- there were far too many cobbled streets – so high heels was a complete ‘No No’!!Our daily ritual was to walk down Pařížská Street and arrive at the Old Town Square to find street music- ranging from classical, jazz to even scottish bagpipes! At the Old Town Square- you would see amazing architecture- well kept churches and buildings.

Around this square, we saw many interesting sights. There is the oldest working clock from this amazing cathedral. At every hour between 9am and 9pm, the clock strikes and show of figures of the Apostles and other moving sculptures.

Another amazing sight which is worth checking out are the amazing bridges taking you out of the old town. There is Charles Bridge.

View from Charles bridge onto Stephen Bridge
Tower at the end of Charles Bridge
We also visited the Prague Castle- this is set outside the main old town but very accessible via the Hop off Hop On Tour bus or by foot to the South of Prague. There were many interesting sites within the castle. You can buy a full ticket which will take you to all the sites or partial ticket with partial entry. We took the cheapest option and just walked around the buildings taking in the atmosphere.
We also had a great chance to check out some nice eateries. This included the  Michelin  starred Cafe Imperial. The food was really good.
There was also a good restaurant that was very close to the old town- attached to a opera house. It looked a set from the Titanic restaurant- as set in the movie. It is attached to the Municipal House Hall (Obecni Dum).

We had lovely cakes and tea. It was just nice to relax and people watch. Tourist and locals come to this venue and plus it is perfect place to wait to see an opera here.

If you are like me and like nibbling when wandering, check out this- Trdelnik sweet bread, wrapped around a spit and roasted over coals.Its so yummy!!

We didn’t get a chance to see anything but it is highly recommended. What we decided to do was to go and see a show at the Black Light Theatre- which was interesting !?! My best advice is to check out the synopsis first before you go or you may want your money back 🙂
This is what we went to see:

prague tickets
Another venue we checked out was the Agharta Jazz Centrum– an underground venue, quite small an intimate enjoyed by all ages. A definite repeat visit when i come again.