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I would definitely say that I have always been scared to bake since school. I can blame the Cookery teacher for doubting my potential as a baker but I think I was more scared of failing.

With my love of cooking, now that I am comfortable in my culinary skills, and my good friend getting me a Cupcake Recipe book after telling her I wanted to test my baking skills, I will share with you my first cupcake making experience.
It was Dec 31st 2013, I prepared my ingredients to not only make my first cupcake but my first vegan cupcake.
This was my first attempt of making a red velvet vegan cupcake.  Thanks to Ms Cupcake of Brixton and thanks to Manisha for buying me the recipe book.

The cake making bit was quite a breeze in fact. The icing was the challenge as I think I made it far two sweet, though I did follow the icing sugar quantity to the letter.
This is the piping bag I used to fill up my first made icing. I didn’t even know what these were called until more recently.
Taa’daa!!! My first ever cupcakes made and yes these have been instagrammed but you see the tips I used for the icing was not very ‘cupcake like’ compared to what you see in the shops these days.
                                          My swirly design                                              My crown effect!
After this successful attempt, I have since bought new large tips to make the proper cupcake swirl! What co you think of these?
The great thing is that I KNOW what I put in my cupcakes and It is all quite healthy- as you can with sugary cakes. My first 2014 present to myself and to my beloved family and friends!
You will see more posts on my cupcake journey.. Looking forward to the ride!