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So one year on, I am still ‘big-ing’ up OTF- Orange Theory fitness.  And as a non early riser, it means a lot when I am getting up at 5:30am in London with darkness set outside, just to make it to OTF at 6:30am. 

 This all started when I was in the States last year. As a newbie to the country,the idea of hitting the small gym in a hotel was rather grim.

I wanted a place to meet locals and live like them for a bit. I remember driving past these places with massive orange signage/ walls. It just looked so happy and energised. And so I decided to walk in to check it out. It was a bit crazy as I was in fact in my gym gear as I just been for a run in Piedmont Park. They said I could join into their next session and even try another one out for free.

They gave me a heart monitor pod and I was told to look at the screens and listen to the instructions. An hour later and after burning 400 calories, I got it. Your monitor can tell you how much of your heart rate is being used. If you achieve over 83% or more during the session for over 12 minutes, the theory is that you will continue to burn for another 24 hours! I sort of understood it but didn’t know how it could be proven. 

It gave me a good feeling and people there were super friendly and so I signed up for classes for the months I was based in Atlanta. I was averaging 3-4 one hour sessions. I met some nice people and it was a good community. I can feel and see changes in my body and in the way I felt- more energised. It was a good investment.

Whilst I was there and prepping for my next destinations, I found out they were based all over the US but also opening one in Vancouver and one in London. I am proud to say I am OTF junky as the first thing I check when travelling to a destination where I might be based there for longer than a month, I would check if they have OTF. Lol! And yes, I checked both London and the Vancouver ones. 

Whilst on my travels last year, I saw a great article about OTF. See it here: Self Magazine on OTF

So now a year on, I am still loving it. I haves great OTF in London. The trainers are super encouraging and believe in the concept.

Give it a go!

Happy OTF-ing!!!